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THE CREAMED CUTIES - This is my ever-growing collection of cuties that I have personally creamed. Most of these amateur teens have never tasted hot cum before, much less swallowed it, and the only facials they know of are done at the Macy's makeup counter. Well, I have something to make their skin softer, especially the skin around their tonsils and it doesn't come in a bottle!
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I shot a load she could clearly see. Right in the eye!

Jenna is a young 18 year old who hasn't grown out out of her love of licking a lolipop. She treated my cock like it was her personal licking stick. Her tongue flicked up and down like a pro. Her eager tongue wagged in anticipation of my hot fountain of cum. Not to let her down, I shot a load she could clearly see. Right in the eye!


A stripper gets jammed with my huge cock

Celeste was much hotter naked, but I was digging the boots so I made her keep those on. She had pierced nipples, a pierced clit, and a pierced tongue. Those are always either signs a girl is into pain or into sex. And since Celeste is a stripper, I'd say sex. So I let her stroke my pole for a while and then made her dance on my pole until it got so swollen and slippery that, whoops, it dumped it's load right down her throat! And the whole damn time she kept those fucking boots on!


Heaven shows us that impossible is nothing

I don't have the intro to this scene that gives the vital information like their names and ages, hell I don't even have any footage of the other girl! All I have left from this little romp is my own memory and what I am posting to share with you. I'm just trying to figure out when I order my next mail order bride, should I order from Russia, Thailand, or the Czech Republic. Any and all input will be accepted in this matter.


They must be doing something right in Australia, because Britney is such a littl...

They must be doing something right in Australia, because Britney is such a little cum slut! I fell in lust with her cute little accent and when she told me she just loved having cum in her mouth, my nutsack filled up to twice it's size! After she finished draining me, she told me she had a girlfriend I could fuck so she could eat a cream pie from her pussy. My nutsack filled right back up as I handed her my cell phone to make the call.


Cute brunette sucking like there's no tomorrow

I found Violet at the local SPA studying how to become an Estheticologist. She had the prettiest eyes so I suggested that she give me a facial, and then afterwards I'd give her one. She giggled and smiled, but in the end, my idea came true, except she swallowed!

Daejha & C

One to suck my dick, one to lick my balls. Could a man be happier?

These two were more than happy to get naked and have their voluptuous bodies probed by me after I saved them from sheer boredom! I had a bottle of wine and some Captain Morgan in the fridge and the party was in my pants! I just love strippers, or any type of slutty girls that are open minded and have an open mouth to stick my cock in. The only thing better than that, is two slutty girls with open mouths! One to suck my dick, one to lick my balls. Could a man be happier?


Czech girl get her hands on an all-american cock!

I recently journeyed to the Czech Republic, and ooooh-weee, look at what I found! Jessica was one hot chick, with a smoking body, beautiful hair, and a nice hot pink little pussy. She couldn't wait to get her hands on this all-American cock! She was quick to get out of her cute, white, miniskirt and down to her knees to lick my rock hard shlong. Jessica spat and slurped all over my rod, until I couldn't take it, I spurted my American pie all over her lovely face.


Which end should I fuck first?

Damn, I swear I wish I had been born a woman! Natasha arrived at my house pretty quickly, like almost as soon as I clicked submit on the website. She said she had problems getting through immigration because her paperwork was expired, but she made quick work of the dicks, (literally) and was ready to be my love slave forever! Now which end do I fuck first?


I got her on her knees in front of me and eased my cock into her tight mouth!

I gave the Mary Jane look alike my phone number and said “Call me later, I want to practice playing Peter Parker and take some pictures of you. You are so incredibly beautiful!” She smiled shyly, and I could tell she was flattered. (Works every time!) After the movie, I got the call from Chloe, but my spider sense went crazy when she arrived at my house. This was no ordinary girl I was dealing with, so I would have to be careful! After taking tons of pictures of Chloe, she dropped her guard. I got her on her knees in front of me and eased my cock into her tight ...


Chick who tastes, then chokes on sweet jizz

After hearing Jewel boast about her great blowjob skills, I devised a plan to get her to 'audition' for a hardcore sex scene that was being shot for an internet website. Sure the pay was great, if after the audition I thought she was right for the part. Sure she could bring along her girlfriend to audition too! Too bad she choked during the audition (literally) and didn't get the part, or get paid!


Carmen was a woman hungry for dick

Carmen was 100% woman, I could tell she was hungry for my rod and was pretty eager to get to business. Nice full lips and a great set of tits, oh my, she was just asking for a facial. A very mature, sexy cutie, and I was really taken back by the way she worked my tool. She spent a good deal of time sucking my hang low, so I just had to reward her with a creamy treat!


She was naked with my cock in her mouth in under two hours!

Instead of getting slapped, I flexed on Stacy and she fell for my offer of a protein supplement. We exchanged numbers, chatted over our caffeine injections, then I walked out of Jitters, jittering all the way to my jeep. Stacy called me later, and I could not believe how hot and cute this chick was, so I invited her over, claiming I had a great source of protein for her. Yep, she's blonde, to the bone, and was naked with my cock in her mouth in under two hours. The only thing that made this girl hotter was my nice hot protein injection administered orally.


Raven will surprise you with her awesome cocksucking skills

Raven can give one of the best blowjobs ever. Her slow teasing methods will get you hard before she even gets your pants off. My cock sprang out by the time she dropped my drawers and when she opened her mouth and wrapped her dark red lips around my cock, I just let out a low moan because it looked and felt so good. Her technique is slow and perfect using a blend of spit & twist while sucking the head on every down stroke. I fucked her a little, but then I had her finish me off using only her hand and mouth.....then she swallows it all down!


I think Jazz is a little shy from getting so much attention from her chest

Strawberry blonde hair, heavy lidded bedroom eyes, and those TITS!! Sorry, I just can't get over her wrapping them around my hand and it disappearing. My cock is one thing, but my whole damn hand! I think Jazz is a little shy from getting so much attention from her chest. Just wait until she hits her sexual prime around 35 or so and becomes a man eater. She could have eaten me with those things. Fuck it, I'm just going to move in between them to live!


After swallowing all my sperm Isis was still asking me for more!

Isis heard through one of her friends that I was shooting porn videos and she called me up and wanted me to make her a star. Hmm, this is too easy. A 19 year old naпve girl wanting to make it big by being stuffed with big cock. Well come on over, honey! Don't be shy, take off those clothes! Now on your knees bitch, you don't get famous by just looking cute, get to sucking!!!


Casey sucks cock behind her finance's back

Well guys, Casey is back by popular demand. The last time she came to blow me, it was for revenge at her boyfriend, but I think I turned her into a real cumslut! She says her fiancй just doesn't put out enough for her ‘taste' but he has money so she's going to marry him anyway. Well, I would be more than willing to act as a surrogate dick anytime, honey! And as a matter of fact, I know of several fans of a certain website that would volunteer too.


Sunshine is back to gulp down another sticky mouthful!

Sunshine is back to take a huge load in her mouth and this time she SWALLOWS it all down! I have her up on a stool with her ass sticking out to get a clear view of her gorgeous Thai pussy. I fuck her on the stool doggie style, then she rides me, then I cum in her mouth!


It's not every day that you find a girl with a pussy tighter than any virgin

I didn't want to let this one go guys. It's not every day that you find a girl with a pussy tighter than any virgin. I mean, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since then! She says she does her pussy exercises religiously. Well I had a religious experience after slipping my cock inside her, and I spilled it right down her throat for her to swallow. Yes, it changed my life. At least for the week.


A shortage of maple syrup causes Canadian girls to come down and gulp cum

Adrienne is from Canada and was down in America for a few weeks to get all the sweet cum she could swallow down. Apparently there was a shortage of Maple Syrup where she's from because she tapped my cock and drained my balls of all my tasty sap.


Cute slut who takes a shot right in her mouth nd swallows

Michelle's raven-haired, pin-up starlet beauty really struck me when she walked in. She had a sexy deep voice for a 20 year old, but looking at this girl and feeling her attitude said she had a rebellious old spirit. If the tattoos and pierced upper lip weren't my first clue, the biker boots should have been. This is the kind of girl that could melt an iceberg with her stare. If she and Jacque got together, they could milk a man dry in seconds!


Can't handle the load and gags on sperm.

Diamond claimed to be man's best friend, but if she truly were, she would take a hot load of jizz with no problem. She likes to take matters into her own hands, but sometimes bites off more than she can chew. She seemed to really enjoy sucking my cock and was quite good at it, until the gooey white stuff came at which point she failed the test. Looks like you need summer school, Diamond!


Heidi had been cock-starved until this very moment

Heidi was a little out there, but she's young and from Vegas so I understood. I think she was just cock hungry, and probably couldn't wait to get her lips around mine! She couldn't wait alright, after she got me hard, I bent her little ass over and did her doggy. After that she rode my stiff rod, even turned around and rode me backwards! Then I flipped her over on her back and tested her flexibility. Right when I was about to cum I took it out and jizzed all over her face. She opened wide and whatever she didn't swallow, she wore all over her chin like a cha...


Spoiled rich girl finally meets her REAL daddy.

Alex was a gorgeous little rich girl from Vail, who was being a very bad girl in Las Vegas. Kind of a daddy's girl, and after this encounter you should ask her who her REAL daddy is. She was kind of shy being it her first time on film, but I managed to bring the cute slut out of her. She had these sexy eyes, a cute face, awesome natural tits, and a hot stripe pussy! I gave daddy's girl a good fuck and ended with a nice creamy facial!

Lili & Lexi

We fucked every imaginable way until my cum came loose for them to kiss and shar...

I got Lili and Lexi back to my pad, put them on the bed together and asked them to kiss each other. Well, that kiss set them off and they spent the next 20 minutes licking and noisily finger-fucking each other. I could see cunt juices all over both of them, which was my cue. They gladly spread their pretty pussy lips for my throbbing cock and the menage a trois was underway! We fucked every imaginable way until my cum came loose for them to kiss and share.


Jamie was such a fox I had to stick my dick in her

Jamie was such a fox I had to stick my dick in her. She immediately got naked for me and it wasn't long at all before I was in her mouth. She had a nice fat ass so I bent it over to slam it, just look at that thing. Obviously a Scorpio, her birthday must be coming up soon. I could think of a few ways to say happy birthday, such as doggy, missionary, and a fat load all over her face! Jamie didn't manage to swallow any but she wore it all over her lips and chin with a grin!

Shine & A

Shine made Angel taste my cum from her mouth and lick it off her face.

Okay guys, bear with me, here's the info I got before their attention deficit kicked in. Angel and Shine have been dating for a while, and Angel is a total lesbian. She has at least sucked cock before but has never tasted cum. Shine on the other hand is quite the little bi-slut. She had her tongue and pussy pierced, and I was shocked to see her deepthroat my cock then try to make Angel to do it. I guess Angel is Shine's ‘bitch' because when I hosed them both down with my hot jizz, Shine made Angel taste my cum from her mouth and lick it off her face. Oh, my hot little...


Bettie the ambidextrous blowjob bombshell

For those of you that enjoyed the Marilyn Monroe series, I now present Miss Bettie Page, as promised! And they don't fuck around when it comes to sucking cock! Marilyn the deepthroat queen, Bettie the ambidextrous blowjob bombshell, I think I'm beginning to see a pattern here. Maybe they really did suck and swallow their way to the top. Bettie never even let me touch my own cock as she happily sucked the spunk right out of me. Hmm, leaves my perverted little brain wondering whom I should dig up next.


Trinity came over thinking that this was just a softcore shoot

You got to love redheads! Trinity came over thinking that this was just a softcore shoot, and when she found out that there would be sucking involved, well she backed down. So what do I do? I put her outside in the cold to think about it for awhile. After about an hour, she quickly changed her mind and came inside to give me an awesome blowjob! And for wasting my time.....I made her swallow it all.


Marylin is back for serious deepthroat action!

Marilyn is back for some major deepthroating! Her dick sucking talents have placed her in the swallow of fame and she is definitely proud to be there.


I aimed for the gap in her front teeth and made a creamy mess of her face!

When Destiny came over and saw me with the camera, she thought I was a little weird, but like most girls, a camera will make them do all kinds of crazy things. I had her naked within minutes, and after our hot conversation, she was more than ready to pleasure me. She put my cock in her mouth, and she got totally turned on, squirming around on the floor, moaning and panting. She kept saying that she wanted my cum, so I aimed for the gap in her front teeth and made a complete creamy mess of her face! Then I handed her a can of shaving cream and told her to shave that bush.